What is RESPECT ?

Violence is omnipresent and also doesn’t stop in the living spaces of schools. The types of violence at schools are quite diverse, ranging from group and one on one bullying, internet bullying, threats, extortion, vandalism to xenophobia and racism. It is a challenge to break the existing cycles of violence for all involved e.g. parents, the schools, associations, companies and also municipalities. With the RESPECT – campaign for nonviolent schools, the schools and municipalities are provided with a proven resource and solution-oriented violence prevention approach. RESPECT is an open platform, inspiring action and built under and within the existing prevention activities and new intra-school and inter-school projects. The Aim of the project is to structurally anchor the prevention of violence in schools and municipalities and to reach schools and supra-institutional networks on this subject.
The RESPECT-package: The practical handbook includes the accumulated  experience of the RESPECT campaigns.


In 2004/2005, RESPECT was worn together with the Accident Insurance Baden-Württemberg in other cities and also successfully implemented and sustained
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"We need such initiatives because the fight against violence begins on a small scale, in everyday life”. Dr. Annette Schavan, Minister of culture, youth and sports of Baden-Württemberg (Stuttgart newspaper 18.09.01) "Our aim is to develop something sustainable. We don’t want to ignite fireworks, which device very quickly into oblivion. " Eberhard Wurster, first mayor (LKZ 16.05.01) “That incredible force of the issue violence, we of the Ludwigsburg newspaper didn’t expect as we decided to support the project RESPECT” Isabell Funk, chief editor (Ludwigsburg newspaper 17.09.01) "It's about breaking cycles of violence or rather avoid them and to strengthen the individual student. The exciting thing about this project is the cooperation of students, parents and teachers." Manfred Hagelstein , Managing Unfallkasse Baden-Württemberg ( pluspunkt 2/2002) “The school alone would be overwhelmed to get it under control. But together we can make it." (Alfred Waldenmaier , Headmaster Mörike- School, LKZ 16.05.01)
RESPECT-Calendar 2016 for all 16 states RESPECT calendar planned. Each calendar has 12 leaves. Each month represents a respectable topic. On the back find teachers each a teaching unit for the prevention work at the school. Currently we are looking for sponsors that enable the realization of this calendar with


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