The RESPECT-package:

The practical handbook includes the accumulated experience of the RESPECT campaigns. Also: A media package on CD-ROM consisting of: 6 posters (ready for printing), 6 Postcards (ready for printing), RESPECT Logo (ready for printing), stickers (ready for printing), the manual as a PDF file. The Practical Guide can be bought for 249 euros (excl. VAT 7 percent.) Eml : This amount will cover the print of the work and the development of further, free RESPECT communications. If you cannot pay the amount, it is advisable to look for a / multiple RESPECT sponsor (e.g. companies, individuals, support associations, etc.). The Practical Guide contains a wealth of ideas, materials and implementation examples for prevention work at the schools. Practical implementation of the preventive approach in schools ... Methods for Commodities and Resources Survey ... violence diary ... creative methods (painting, storytelling, films, photography, essays ...) develop websites ... questionnaire on schoolchildren and parents survey. .. topic in school Convent ... SMV, school enrolment day… create Pedagogical days ... methods for the selection of prevention ideas ... Moderation methods ... future- factory…Open Space ... More materials create selection criteria for providers of prevention , respect in school life ( mission , respectful integrated into school subjects , committee work ( GLK , parents' council , SMV , support associations , Rectors 'Conference , total parent Council , school council , school board , .... ) , socializing - festivals / celebrations, work with parents ( talks , parents' evenings , round tables ... ) team work in college , changing structures ... dealing with conflict / communication training
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