1 ... anchor violence prevention structurally, gender- and culture- based and sustained in the entire municipality. 2 … a school- and supra-institutional network of the subject ‘violence prevention’. RESPECT is an open platform built under the existing prevention activities and new intra-school and inter-school projects and actions are initiated. For quality assurance clear criteria were developed. To carry out such a project sustainable for the long term, it requires people with interest to perpetuate the project. "Our aim is to develop something sustainable. We don’t want to ignite fireworks, which device very quickly into oblivion." Eberhard Wurster, first mayor (LKZ 16.05.01)
The RESPECT-package: The practical handbook includes the accumulated  experience of the RESPECT campaigns.

RESPECT stone exhibition

In 2004/2005, RESPECT was worn together with the Accident Insurance Baden-Württemberg in other cities and also successfully implemented and sustained
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"Our goal is , some Sustainable development . We want to ignite no fireworks , which quickly falls again into oblivion . " Eberhard Wurster , First Mayor ( LKZ 16:05:01 )