Below quality criteria get named which are recommended for successful prevention work Below quality criteria get named which are recommended for successful prevention work Define goals , formulate as concretely as possible , so you can see whether something has been achieved Active support from the whole team. Many projects are doomed to fail if they are carried out by dedicated individuals Have the entire system at a glance. Participation of children, young people, parents and educators. Each group has been linked experiences of violence, it has a reference and be prepared. Target groups define. You can respond to children in a different way than teenagers, boys unlike girls Peer group approaches are important for older children and adolescents because the peer group plays an important role. Consider different nationalities and cultural backgrounds of the target group and work with those (intercultural approach ) Consider special situations of girls and boys (gender approach) Identify measures, this can be a package of measures Integrate partners and networks into prevention Set clear rules and consequences and make it transparent. They provide security and make it clear that attitudes and rules of social interaction count Maintain feedback culture in regularly scheduled bodies Mention contact for children in need and for victims of violent Long-termed prevention projects à overnight, you can change nothing. Perseverance, patience and sustainability is needed for prevention achievement check

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In 2004/2005, RESPECT was worn together with the Accident Insurance Baden-Württemberg in other cities and also successfully implemented and sustained
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" With what incredible force this issue would make violence , we have from the Ludwig Kreiszeitung not known , as we have decided to support the campaign " Respect " . " Isabell Funk , chief editor ( Ludwigsburg newspaper 17:09:01 )


The RESPECT-package: The practical handbook includes the accumulated  experience of the RESPECT campaigns.